Philippe Aractingi’s feature documentary “Héritages” will be premiering tonight in Paris in the presence of the director, producer Diane Aractingi and their children. The screening event has been organised with the support of the Lebanese Tourism office in Paris.

In a very innovative way, mixing archives and fiction, “Héritages” tells the story of the director and his family who, like a great deal of people coming from the Levant, have been forced to exile to flee the wars and massacres repeatedly striking in this region for the last hundred years. The movie deals with exile, memory and the handing down of these experiences through filial transmission.
The film is a co-production between Lebanon (Fantascope Production), France (Dolce Vita films, INA) and Switzerland (AMKA films).

A debate will take place after the screening with the special guest Boris Cyrulnik; World renowned neuropsychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Cyrulnik is most known for his work on Resilience, the positive capacity of people to adapt to adversity and traumas.

“Héritages” distributed by ZELIG distribution will hold its national release in France on October 28th.