Cynthia Zaven


Nadia Ben Rachid

C’est à travers le montage de Tramontane que j’ai découvert un aspect de l’histoire de ce pays que je ne connaissais pas, et Julia Kassar, une actrice formidable qui me fait terriblement penser à Meryl Streep.
Tramontane- 1


Making a feature length film is no easy task. With the countless drafts that the script will go through, to getting the right crew together and preparing the sh...

February 19

It is February 19. The train will depart. Anna and Alex. Years have passed, the day has come for their last meeting. Location; train. City; Yerevan. She is there. He is there. In the train. And the white thin wall.

Gate #5

Gate #5 is a film that retraces the life journey of “Najm” and other Lebanese truck drivers, from the 1960s and until the present day. It follows a path marked by migration, civil war and changes in the social and economic fabric of the country.