Hollywood actress Salma Hayek visited Lebanon for the first time on April 24 to promote her new film, The Prophet, and pay homage to the memory of her late Lebanese grandfather.

The animated film, based on Khalil Gebran’s book of the same name published in 1923, tells the story of Almitra, a headstrong girl who forms a friendship with imprisoned poet Mustafa. Hayek co-produced the film and voices Almitra’s mother, Kamila. “Through this book,” said Hayek to Reuters Beirut, “I got to know my grandfather. Through this book, I got to have my grandfather teaching me about life. For me, this is a love letter to my heritage.”

During her trip, Hayek visited Gebran’s hometown and resting place in Bcharreh, as well as her grandfather’s grave in Baabdat. She also visited Syrian refugee camps across the country to raise awareness about the conditions and needs of the people affected by the Syrian crisis.

Hayek left Lebanon after the launch of her film in Beirut Souks Cinema City on April 27th.

The Prophet premieres in all Lebanese cinemas today.

Here’s the trailer: