Sabrina is a new name to be added to the Lebanese Cinema diaspora. A mindful young talent who made her way lately to the Student Academy Awards where a documentary she produced won the gold prize in its category.
The 42nd awards ceremony took place September 17th in Beverly Hills, where 15 student films were honored among the 33 finalists announced in August.
Since 1972, the Student Academy Awards established by the Academy itself, supports and encourages excellence in filmmaking at a collegiate level. It’s one of the top-notch student film competitions in the US that gathers students from colleges and universities around the world.
“Looking At The Stars” is a documentary that follows closely the lives and work of visually impaired ballerinas striving to be seen for their talent and not their handicap. Sabrina is a firm believer that films should inspire social change. “Looking At The Stars” is not just about documenting the lives of these girls, but a hopeful message saying that anything is possible.
Alexander Peralta, the film’s director, met Chammas while they were both enrolling at the famous school of cinematic arts at USC (University of Southern California).
Some of past student winners are today’s Oscar nominations. Names like Robert Zemeckis and Spike Lee were all part of this experience at an early age. We are crossing our fingers for Sabrina to put Lebanese names back on the map in the near future.

You can watch the trailer here.

by Adonis Hakim