My father is still a communist, Intimate secrets to be published


Running Time: 32 min

Director and Scenario:
Ahmad Ghossein

Sharjah Art Foundation
Ahmad Ghossein

Director of Photography:
Karam Ghossein

Rami Madi


Maream Hmadeh
Rachid Ghossein


All that remains of Rashid Ghossein and Maream Hmadeh’s relationship is a large collection of recorded messages, which capture their 10 years together during the height of the Lebanese civil war.

Director’s biography and filmography

Ahmad Ghossein graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from the Lebanese University.
He won the Best Director Prize at the Beirut International Film Festival (2004) for his short film “Operation N…”.
He directed several documentaries and video works including “210m”, “Faces Applauding Alone”, “What does not resemble me looks exactly like me” and “An Arab Comes to Town”, and is one of the founders of Maqamat Dance Theatre.