Running Time: 68 min

Director and Scenario:
Hady Zaccak

Marwan Tarraf
Hady Zaccak
Darkside Film
TV Production/ZAC Films

Director of Photography:
Muriel Aboulrouss


This is the biography of the Mercedes Ponton the 180 model (1953-1962) which became a pop icon of the pre-war Lebanon and witnessed the transformations on the Lebanese scene.
This is the story of a German “family” which became a Lebanese symbol through the decades. This is the History of Lebanon seen through automobiles labeled locally: “Marcedes”.
Marcedes: the story of a car, the story of a family, the story of a country.

Director’s biography and filmography

Hady Zaccak has a Masters degree in cinema studies and film directing from IESAV, and has taken part in workshops for film directing, editing and production at FEMIS (Paris-1996), INSAS (Brussels-1999), HFF Konrad Wolf (Potsdam-2007).
He is a documentary filmmaker, professor at IESAV film school,and the author of a book about the history of Lebanese cinema entitled “Le cinéma libanais: itinéraire d’un cinéma vers l’inconnu (1929-1996)”.

Festivals and Awards

International Meeting for Arab Cinema (Nabeul, Tunisia)
7th Monaco Charity Film Festival
Al-Jazeera International Documentary Festival (Doha, Qatar)