It’s All In Lebanon


Running Time: 60 min

Director and Scenario:
Wissam Charaf

Pierre Sarraf
Monika Borgmann
Né.à Beyrouth
Umam Productions

Director of Photography:
Talal Khoury


Asma Andraos
Naji Baz
Wissam Charaf
Farah Fayed
Ahmad Kaabour
Mohammed Kawssarani
Lokman Slim
Yehya Saadeh
Ahmad Zeineddine


In “It’s All in Lebanon”, Wissam Charaf traces the recent history and identity of Lebanon through its political campaigns, PR imagery and pop videos.
And most importantly, how has Lebanon fared in nation-building – through imagemaking – over the 20 years since the Civil War ended? A must-see for all those involved in politics, advertising, public relations and the media.

Director’s biography and filmography

Wissam Charaf is a journalist, cameraman and editor of news stories for various international television networks.
He has also a strong experience in cinema as assistant director and scriptwriter.
Wissam Charaf directed short films, such as “Hizz Ya Wizz”, “A Hero Never Dies” and “An Army of Ants”.