Gate #5


Running Time: 84 min

Director and Scenario:
Simon El Habre

Ginger Beirut Productions
Abla Khoury
Lara Chekerdjian
Sabine Choucair (Line Producers)
Six Island Productions
Mec Film
Abbout Productions

Director of Photography:
Bassem Fayad

Cynthia Zaven


Gate #5 is a film that retraces the life journey of “Najm” and other Lebanese truck drivers, from the 1960s and until the present day. It follows a path marked by migration, civil war and changes in the social and economic fabric of the country. While Najm traded his truck for a taxi, his friends remained at the port, struggling to make ends meet.

Director’s biography and filmography

Simon El Habre graduated from ALBA and has a degree in editing from the FEMIS (Fondation Européenne de l’Image et du Son in Paris).
He directed a number of TV spots and edited several award-winner documentaries and short films.
A member of Beyrouth BC, Simon El Habre received the 2000 Best Directing Award at the Beyrouth Film Festival for his film “Chambre 220”. “Gate #5” is his second documentary film, after “The One Man Village” (2008)