Blue Line


Running Time: 20 min

Directors and Scenario:
Alain Sauma
Lynn Maalouf

Julie Léger

Director of Photography:
Dominique Fausset

Renaud Barbier


Shiraz Haq
Johndeep More
Stephen Henry
Sébastien Houbani


A cow quenches its thirst in a pond located on the Blue Line, the UN-demarcated border between Lebanon and Israel. A UN soldier from the Indian battalion tries to save it, as the cow finds itself at the center of spiraling border tension.

Director’s biography and filmography

Based in Beirut, Alain Sauma has been directing commercial ads for over 15 years around the region, including national awareness-raising campaigns on healthcare and human rights causes. He directed Blue Line in 2011, which was selected at over 30 festivals.