Ruba Zarour is a young rising actress making her way in the Lebanese cinema scene. After landing her first feature film role in Sami Koujan’s Cash Flow 2, Zarour takes on a new challenge with French-Lebanese director Philippe Aractingi and his latest project entitled “Listen”.

Could you tell us about Los Angeles and what do you do there?

A lot of people think of LA as the place where dreams come true. To me, LA was a lesson, and the most challenging chapter in my life. It was a reality check just as it was a career driver.
It wasn’t easy for me when I moved there in 2012 as a young and aspiring filmmaker and actor. I met a lot of people who had lost hope and settled for every day jobs. I met others who withstood the struggle yet hadn’t accomplished what they set out for.
But, I had a goal, a dream, and more importantly, I had a passion. I let nothing hold me back, I stood up every time I was put down, and I kept immersing myself in the movie scene.
From intensive workshops, to part time and full time jobs, to networking events, you name it. I made sure to learn the art of acting, to get involved in the industry no matter how, and to get myself acquainted with the people that mattered.
Now, I’m in between LA and Beirut, working on my own independent film alongside a group of talented writers and producers.

You were recently acting in Philippe Aractingi’s latest film; What was your role?

The role I play in Aractingi’s film “Listen” is that of a young and reckless girl who is foolishly in love. I can’t say it’s far from who I really am though.

Tell us about the shoot.

The experience as a whole was great! I had to fly to Beirut for rehearsals a month prior to the filming.
We had rehearsals almost 4 times a week, swimming lessons twice a week, and dancing classes almost 3 times a week.
Prepping for the movie was as much fun as the actual shoot. Philippe is a great director; I’ve learned so much from him and the team.

What was this experience’s added value?

All the actors you know, who have played roles that have truly blown you away – all of them can attribute their performance to their dedication but also to the mastery of the director.
Philippe is great. He knew how to move me, how to inspire me. He brought out in me one of my best performances because he taught me how to embody the character I’m playing.
On a bigger scale, I was at the center of a big production set, interacting with the crew and actors, and witnessing the making of a great film. As an aspiring filmmaker, you rarely get such a great opportunity to work on a set of such high standards, let alone play one of the lead roles.