February 19

It is February 19. The train will depart. Anna and Alex. Years have passed, the day has come for their last meeting. Location; train. City; Yerevan. She is there. He is there. In the train. And the white thin wall.
behind the window

Behind the Window

He, a 10 year old boy sees the beauty through the rumbles of his life. Behind the window, he follows his sensory journey to capture this precious find on film.


The story unfolds in Beirut in 2003. Two couples, two destinies: one spiraling upwards, the other downwards.

Ok, Enough, Goodbye

In the small, tightly nit city of Tripoli, Lebanon, where family bonds run very deep, a forty-year-old man still lives with his elderly mother and has given up on the idea of becoming independent.


Beirut 1976. A surprise party in a shelter. A glimpse into a family whose ties are worn-out by the four walls entrapping them and the deafening sound of their wrecked city.

A Man of Honor

Brahim has a chance encounter with Leila. Because of her, he committed a murder 20 years ago in Jordan. He was forced to play dead and flee incognito to Lebanon, leaving behind his wife and son who think he “died a hero”.

Tannoura Maxi

In the summer of 1982, in a sheltered village protected by its armed men, it took no longer than three months until radical changes started occurring in the lives of two families of different backgrounds.
a place to go

A Place to Go

Ziad leads a life of simple, controlled routine, crunching numbers for an unseen corporation. But when a series of seemingly inconsequential occurrences results in him taking in a small street cat, his strictly maintained sense of order goes out the window.

Against the Current

“Against the Current” is a documentary highlighting the power of faith against radicalism and fanaticism; the movie sheds the light on personalities highly respected and valued within their religious communities.