Feature Films


West Beirut

1975, the civil war has recently begun in Beirut. Tarek, a high school student is thrilled by all the chaos and upheaval because he no longer needs to go to school.

Et maintenant on va où?

Set in a remote village where the church and the mosque stand side by side, Et maintenant on va où? follows the antics of the town's women to keep their blowhard men from starting a religious war.


In Beirut, five women meet regularly in a beauty salon, a colourful and sensual microcosm of the city where several generations come into contact, talk and confide in each other.


Despite living in a doomed country that hangs by a thread, Joud, a handsome sound engineer meets and falls in love with strong and free-spirited Rana.
film kteer kbeer 2

Film Kteer Kbeer

Intending to smuggle drugs across the borders, a small-time Lebanese drug-dealer slyly manipulates public opinion with the help of an underrated filmmaker.

Je Veux Voir

July 2006. Another war breaks out in Lebanon. The directors decide to follow a movie star, Catherine Deneuve and a friend, actor and artist Rabih Mroue, on the roads of South Lebanon.
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Bosta (The Autobus) 2005 Running Time: 142 min Director: Philippe Aractingi Writer: Philippe Aractingi Producers: Diane Aractingi Phil...

Ok, Enough, Goodbye

In the small, tightly nit city of Tripoli, Lebanon, where family bonds run very deep, a forty-year-old man still lives with his elderly mother and has given up on the idea of becoming independent.

A Man of Honor

Brahim has a chance encounter with Leila. Because of her, he committed a murder 20 years ago in Jordan. He was forced to play dead and flee incognito to Lebanon, leaving behind his wife and son who think he “died a hero”.