Today is a special day for Lebanon in Cannes. Indeed, the Minister of Culture is in town for a few days. The agenda will be packed with interviews with the local and Arab media, meetings with various cinema and culture professionals, as well as the famous red carpet every night. Tough programme, isn’t it?
For the occasion, the Tourism Office of Lebanon in Paris and the Fondation Liban Cinéma organized a cocktail in the pavillon, despite the rainy weather. Officials from near-by Algerian stand paid their regards, as did all the filmmakers, producers and communication managers that were linked to Lebanon in one way or another.

We played a little game with the 35mmfrombeirut team: what makes Cannes? I suggested that it was the photographers wearing tuxedos. Nasri said it was the particular friendly holiday-life atmosphere that existed within the team. Cyril had a very philosophical answer about the contrast between the happy fews’ blasé glaze and the rubber-neckers’ amazed look.

The biggest surprise of all came when I realised that one of the several photographers present on the pavillon was my former English-teacher. Reunion time!

by Nasri Atallah