Last week, the Arab cinema industry was shaken by the devastating news of the cancellation of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival after an eight-year run.

The Media Zone Authority in Abu Dhabi announced the reason in an official statement saying that this was an essential step to take, “in order to focus on future targeted initiatives to further support local and Arab filmmakers and attract more film productions to Abu Dhabi.”

In happier news elsewhere in the Emirates, the Dubai Film Festival reinstated the Dubai Film Connection: “The filmmakers and industry professionals wanted it back, and we listened,” said DIFF managing director Shivani Pandya. “By offering the right networking and support opportunities, the DFC opened doors for Arab talent to promote and develop their film projects, and it became a platform for producers and funds to find the best Arab projects ready for production,” she added.

Previous editions of Dubai Film Connections have selected Lebanese projects represented by their producers, among which Abbout Productions, Fantascope Production and Né à Beyrouth.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.