In 2009, the Lebanese Tourism Office in Paris, and its director Serge Akl, figured that Lebanon needed a new approach to promoting itself. After giving it some thought, they realised that Lebanon’s cultural production wasn’t promoted enough abroad, and more specifically its interesting and expanding movie industry.

That’s why, for the seventh consecutive year, and in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, they have been working hard to relay positive information about the country through the medium of its cinema. The message is that Lebanon isn’t just a great place for the curious traveler, it is also an exciting host country for filming, thanks to its unique scenic diversity and the quality of its human and technical resources.
35mm was launched at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. Its first iteration came in the shape of a professional guide, distributed as a USB key, and a website to promote the country’s image as a land of cinema. This activity was very well received by professionals at the festival, and led to many interesting discussions and connections between filmmakers, producers, and other movie professionals.
Today, 35mm from Beirut hopes to prolong its mission, by continuing to pinpoint the needs of the Lebanese film industry. It aims to keep fostering interest in Lebanon as a place where interesting creative things happen, and where interesting stories can be told. It aims to be a continuous source of information both for film industry professionals and for people who are curious, both inside and outside Lebanon, about this complex and nuanced corner of the world.

We will continue to update this website in order to bring you the latest offerings by Lebanese filmmakers, by those who have made a name for themselves and those who are just starting out. We will continue to shake hands, exchange business cards and make connections with decision makers and thought leaders at the Marché du film at the Cannes Film Festival. We will continue to organise trips for foreign filmmakers to Lebanon.
Basically, we will continue to make sure Lebanon is at the forefront of the minds of people who care about discovering new places and creating interesting stories around the world.